Montag, 7. April 2014

Be Better than yesterday.

I just wanted to share with you some of my photos and photos of my outfit :) Hope you like it guys.
This week and then we have Easter and I will make a post about it. There is a time when you grown up and you think more about which religion you are , now is the time when I get more informations about my religion etc. I just love it , but I just need to find a time for it because it is a lot to learn and know :) I will describe this much more in the another post on my blog.
These heels were so uncomfortable but I like them ;) That's how most girls are thinking  , something like; I will go through that sh*t , the main thing is that I look good !
It is funny for me haha , sometimes I am going out in heels but not very often.
In this outfit especially I wear heels , so enjoy haha :*

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Have a good day,evening ,night or morning  guys.

Samstag, 15. März 2014


bandana , so fancy

yesterday was funny , one women was asking me in the cafeteria something like 
- How do you can eat that all ? me - yeah this is not healthy but that make nothing for me when I am eating this once a week , she - no , how can you eat so much  and be skinny , me - haha thank you lovely

Where the fuck have that been  when the I needed this crying in my bed (kidding)

my beautiful sister

shoes - air max , watch - casio

I miss him so much , he is the one and only man for me

every successful women needs her coffee

red lips x ice - I am happy
Anja Rubik on the cover , one of my favorite models

Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Photo session , polaroids of me

Today I want to show you guys my new first  polaroids made by very nice photographer Julia M. Thank you sweetie ! :)
I want to send these photos to model agency , what is your opinion guys ? Do I have chance ?
It is my dream work and I love it. I hope that my dreams will come true and I wish yours will too :)
I love fashion , interesting people ,photography and to travel the whole world.
I am prepared for hard work , even so I am fifteen years old but I understand it that I need to do this now,  if  I want to be a model.
When you really want to do something what you love in your life, just do it !  Try to be better than person you was yesterday. It makes me happy to be better just for me , because I don't want to change for the others. If I would do this , I would lose myself. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

H&M Sweater and Timberland boots by L.I.E

Hello guys , today I am wearing this comfy and beautiful gray sweater from H&M, my best now Timberland boots, favorite glasses now from Primark, black pants from Tally Weijl , bag from H&M.
I hope you will enjoy these photos because I made them with my phone and this is not a way with I want post on this blog in future but  I am waiting for camera which is unfortunately not so cheap ;)
I am personally  satisfied with these pictures , hope you like them too.
Seriously this day was so normal , so boring ,today nothing interesting happened to me.
I hope that Sunday will be sunny and good for me ;)  Wish you a great evening !.

Photographed by my sister ! Thank you Anna , love you.

The name of my blog is perfect. Life is not outside me , life is inside me , style is not outside my heart , my style is inside my heart .  Life is in Ewa.

                                                            My favorite ! I love Kinder Bueno.
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